Celebrate our 100th Issue!

Well, we’re finally here… issue 100!

Myself and the Skirmish team would like to start by thanking the readers, contributors and advertisers for helping to make the magazine the fabulous publication that it is! The past 100 issues have been fantastic and the next 100 will be even better! Skirmish really is going from strength to strength. Since I began my role as Editor of Skirmish, I have been privileged to meet some wonderful people with a passion for re-enactment and living history. I have also had the opportunity to travel to many battlefields worldwide and not only watch or participate in events, but to see the interest for the preservation of these hallowed grounds. It is so important to remember all those who fought for what they believed in, and to keep these sites preserved is essential to keeping history alive. No doubt many of you are eager for the re-enactment season to begin again – I know that I have been counting down the days!
I’m sure that I am not the only one who has been undertaking various projects to see them through the winter months and in fact, our very own Mr Grumpy has been discussing the ways
in which we re-enactors and living historians deal with the withdrawal symptoms caused by the off-season (page 73).


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This issue has many more great features which are sure to get you excited about the coming months. There is Civil War action – both American and English – on pages 32 and 46; the Lace Wars contingent are at Keddleston Hall (page 40); there is the chance to take a look at what life was like in London during WWII from period letters (page 13); an examination of Viking Martial Arts (page 68) and lots more to get stuck into!

Don’t forget to keep us informed of what you are up to – the Skirmish team are always interested to know what you are doing! You may even see your face on these very pages!

On that note, I shall leave you to it! Enjoy!

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