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Skirmish Magazine is the world’s leading multi-period historical re-enactment and living history magazine. Brought to you by a dedicated team for re-enactors, living historians and history enthusiasts around the world, we cover all periods in world history covering the last 3000 years.

Originally launched in 1999, bought by Dragoon Publishing in 2004 and in 2013 by Pike And Shot Events Ltd, it has more recently been re-launched as the living history magazine.

Originally published as a 36 page black and white hobby magazine, it has now been developed into a 100 page high quality, collectable, glossy, colour publication, available in Printed or Digital formats.

Now appealing to a world-wide audience with an avid interest in history and archaeology as well as our more well-known historical re-enactment and living history articles and photography. We have continue with our reputation as the most historically accurate publication on the market – and the only publication dedicated to history re-enactment and living history from around the world. Skirmish is continuing to grow rapidly. Ensure you receive your copy of Skirmish Magazine, published 4 times a year. Subscribe today.