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Another year has passed, which takes us further away from the periods we re-enact, but nearer to the next anniversary celebrations. 2013 certainly has its fair share and will see the Skirmish Team out and about covering as much as possible. It’s the perfect time of year to catch up on all those sewing, woodwork, leatherwork and research projects.


Somehow, I never find time to finish them all, but I certainly intend to try. In fact I’ve given myself a few project targets for the new season, so I can make the most of the dark nights, cold evenings and rid myself of the winter off-season blues. Hair… the stuff some want more of, others try to rid themselves of and those who envy anyone who needs to do very little to make it look wonderful! Whether you have an abundance, or hats are more your thing… it’s important to maintain an historical hairstyle for your period. It can literally change your whole impression. We asked you on Facebook what your thoughts were on hair in re-enactment (page 70) and our very own Mr Grumpy ‘wig’gles his fi ngers and demands we all give him some ‘hair piece’ peace on page 73!

I’m off… no, not out… I have to wash my hair! Enjoy this issue…

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