Reenacting the Sarmatians

Our Sarmatians are dressed in scale armors made of leather and leather helmets. Metal scale armour would be a nice investment, although they are heavy and not so practical, especially when shooting arrows. The group also has a few women, archers and valuable fighters when necessary, trained to use the lance, shield and sword as any man.

Like in the Dacian wars, they switch sides, according to the commander’s mood or after being bribed by the other side with a lot of money or promises of spoils of war. Everything is, of course, according to the scenario, which sometimes changes while the performance occurs.

Each of these factions has its own tents – the Romans have the well-known Roman tent, the Dacians have Viking-like tents, like so many other ”ancient” European groups, and the Sarmatians bring the yurt, which was also made by a group of members of ours.

Also, each of our members has an ancient name, historically proven, luckily in this domain we have information on all three sides. In the case of a few Romans, we also have information on their lives, where they fought, in which fort they were based, what they did after their military service ended, names of wives and children.

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