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Great War reenactment in Russia, a report on Cardiff Castle Garrison, and much, much more

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Great War Reenactment in Russia
A report on WW1 reenactment from Russia with the 5th Great War international festival of August 2009, near Moscow

Cardiff Castle Garrison
Jonathan Davies takes a look at the success of this Living History Group

Grand Tactical Event in 2008
The report from  the War of 1812 across the Atlantic Ocean in the U.S.A.

A report from Graham Sumner about the European Roman Event in the Vosges region of France

Battle of Talavera 1809
Andrew Bamford concludes his investigation of this 1809 battle of the Peninsular War

“Montur and Pulverdampf”
A report from Jonathan Davies on the Austrian reenactment festival “Pomp and Powdersmoke” in July 2009

“But now we are M.I.”
An article by Tim Rose on the Mounted Infantry of Queen Victoria’s small wars

“One of the greatest panics”
John Pagano investigates the 2009  recreation of the American Civil War battle of Cedar Creek, as told through the letters of Allie Clack

Battleaxes & Warhammers
David L.Young investigates the history of the weapons

Action at Newville
A report from the Great War Association in the U.S.A. on the Pennsylvania WW1 Event by Kevin Hershberger

plus the regular columns – re-enactment news, Kit Inspection, On Parade, Period Image, Skirmish Store, Battlefield Preservation, Book Reviews,

Period Music, Period Food, Living History locator, Artist’s impression, Re-enactor profile, Hysterical History, Site surfer, and Events

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