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125th Anniversary of Isandlwana 1879, and much more……SEE BELOW

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Medieval Tourney AT LHF – A short report by Rebecca May on the Lancaster Armouries Tournament round at the February Living History Fayre

Sutherland & the might of Rome – An article by George Robinson on the Roman invasion of 83AD under the command of Agricola

Jorvik Viking Festival – A report by David Neville

Brave men’s blood – An article by Tim Rose on recreating the 24th Foot

The 95th Rifles button – The story of this rescued bit of militaria, and it’s restoration by Nigel Welland

The Brylcreem boys (and girls!) – Re-enacting the Royal Air Force in WW2 by Tim Richardson

Militaria 2004 Stoneleigh – WW2 Re-enactors at the Winter militaria show

Ivanhoe – A pictorial report of the return to Ashby Castle by Geoff Buxton

Roma Antiqua – A report from a local event by this Roman Group by Ian Fenwick

A Tribute to the WW2 Fire Fighters – An article on film work by John Leete

Leipzig 2003 – Event report from the 9th eme by Chasseur Mort & Sgt Louis

Pageant & Tatoo – A look at the history of recreating history for shows and public entertainment by Graham Priest

Hi and Miss – An assessment of the smooth bore musket through history by Jonathan Davies

Plus regular columns – This season’s Events, News & Views, Book reviews, Secondhand sales, Kit Inspection, and On Parade

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