Skirmish Magazine Issue 110


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Issue 110 features Waterloo and much more see below …


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Skirmish Issue 110 Content:


Napoleon’s Last Gamble:
Looking at The Battle of Waterloo in it’s 200 year Anniversary

Waterloo Medal Issue:
Find out how you can claim yours!

Indirect German Firing Devices:
A look at the equipment of the German troops in WWI

Pioneers Of The Great War:
An insight into StAB – one of the leading WW1 German groups

Medieval Shock & Awe!:
The trebuchet is popping up all over the place – we take a look.

Battle Of The Nations 2015:
We preview the exciting news head of Battle Of The Nations this year

Group Focus – Ealdfaeder:
What’s happening with this Dark Ages group in 2015

PLUS Regular Features:
Under The Hammer
Hysterical History
Up & Coming Events

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