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Interesting collection of articles covering Roman to Boer War, plus the regular columns……

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A blast from the past – Battlefield safety report from the American Civil War Artillery

The Duke of Marlborough’s Bayonets – A survey of facts about bayonet usage during the War of the Spanish Succession 1701 – 14

Anatomy of Reenactment – A look at battle reenactment in South Africa

Roman Musicians of the Legion – A look at music in the Roman Legions, and a recreation by the Ermine Street Guard

1646 Siege of Goodrich Castle – A report on the ECWS recreation of this siege at this English Heritage site

Out & About with the 1879 Group – A short report from this Group at Chepstow Castle

Vikings in Revolt – A report from the Rockingham Castle Event

Battle for Quebec – A report on the recreation of this 7 Years War battle held at Basing House

Invasion 1066 – A report on the annual gathering at Battle Abbey for the invasion of Duke William

Jousting – A look at the recreation of the Medieval Tournee at Battle Abbey

Regular Columns: Kit Inspection, On Parade, Book Reviews, Campfire Chat, and What’s on where

and two new sections – Letters to the Editor, and Classified Adverts

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