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6 Slag om Grolle 1627
Dr Andrew Bamford takes a look at the events of this epic battle.

13 Unfolding a History
A fascinating insight into wartime London, from letters dated from the 1940s.

16 Livery and Maintenance
How the practice came about.

62 Fire to the Pepperpot
A Vickers MMG section in depth.

65 The Confusions of a Wannabe
Film Extra Filming – from an extra’s point of view!

68 Viking Martial Arts
A fighting system from the Sagas.

20 From Trench… to Manor House Living history at a Georgian country pad.

27 Storming the Trench
WWI action – prepare to go ‘over the top’.

32 Maryland My Maryland
American Civil War hardcore re-enactors gather together to recreate the Cornfield, at Antietam.

40 The Jacobite Rising of 1745
Lace wars at Keddleston Hall.

46 Battle at Chippenham English Civil War action with the ECWS.

50 A Household at Work Sir John
Savile’s household at Bolton Castle.

53 No Place for a Lady?
The Diehards trip as the Army of the East.

55 The WWI Trench Watch
Its origins and characteristics.

60 A Moment in Time Explore one period of history after another with a multi-period group.


39 Competition

73 Needing a Quick Fix Mr Grumpy’s latest obsession.

74 Subscribe Today

76 Music and Reviews

78 Places to Visit and Events

82 Re-enactor Ramblings

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