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Douggie the Wood
The newest quality furniture maker on the re-enactment scene.

The Tudors
We take a look at season 4 of the hit TV programme The Tudors.

Re-enactment Definitions?
A tongue in cheek look at re-enactment and living history.

What price ‘Authenticity’
Aidan Campbell looks at the effects that ‘authenticity’ has on re-enactment.

“If Boney had been there, we should have been beaten”
Dr Andrew Bamford looks at the Battle of Fuentes de Oñoro.

Dining in the French Style
Phil Thomason on a recent event at Condé, a beautiful French Chateau.

Forties at Foxfield
World War Two action at this Staffordshire railway.

A Right Royal Proclamation
Fiery Jack’s Festival of Historical Re-enactment is back!

Suligowski’s Regiment of Sobieski’s Command
A look at Polish history and the Winged Hussars.

Fascinating Middle Ages
We meet the re-enactment group, Ursellis Historica e.V.

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