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Project 44
A WWII scenario focusing on the use of horses in the German Army.

The Gordon Highlanders 1914-1918
Tom Greenshields discusses the development of this WWI re-enactment group.

From the Great Plains
A look at the portrayal of a Native American Indian Cheyenne family.

The 300th Anniversary event of the 1709 battle.

The Battle of Nantwich
The Sealed Knot re-create this strategic English Civil War battle.

Shooting the Bow
Jonathan Davies gives us his tips on how to shoot with bow and arrow.

What the Romans did for Cheese
A look at the development of cheese in Roman times.

Falkirk 1746
Andrew Bamford investigates Prince Charles Edward Stuart’s wasted victory.

Colonial Virginia’s Mistress with a Musket
Alice Proctor’s battle with the Powhatan Indians, March 22, 1622.

Sherman’s March to the Sea
This issue’s period impression looks at the Army of Georgia, 1864

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