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MG34 Gunner ‘Grossdeutschland Division’ Russia 1942 Recreating the look of this soldier.

This… Is… Scotland!
Charlie Allan fi lls us in on the Duncarron project.

The Right Buttons… A view from the other side of the barrier.

On the March for the Emperor – The French Infantryman in Russia, 1812
Part I – The Preparations, with Dr Andrew Bamford.

Living History
The Battle of Shiloh A fantastic ten-page report from the 150th anniversary of this Civil War battle.

Con Thien
Vietnam re-enactment in Spanby Woods.

Fortress Wales A report from this year’s event.

Waterloo 2012 A report from the recent re-enactment event.

Chester Roman Festival The 2012 event, again showing the might of Rome!

Grossdeutschland Division

Mustering for Agincourt Living history at Tretower Court.

King George’s Finest: 1812, the Forgotten War Skirmish on the Canadian Border at Cannon Hall.

Drive on Stalingrad Charlie Schroeder discusses his first re-enactment.

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Group of the Issue

Facebook Debate What you have been discussing.

Mr Grumpy What aspects of re-enactment has caught the attention of Mr Grumpy?

Out and About
Re-enactor Ramblings

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