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Skirmish Magazine 96


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A Sunny Day
A female impression from the Napoleonic period.

Enter the Labyrinth!
Jonathan Davies recreates one as part of the herb garden project.

Festival of History
Bringing the story of England to life.

Remembering Soldiers’ Heroism
How Belarusians defended Warsaw in September 1939.

Wellington’s Finest Victory
Dr Andrew Bamford looks at the Battle of Salamanca, 1812.
Living History
Spirit of the 40s
Recreating the Second World War at Gosport.

Step in Time
Raising money for Charity.

A Very Different Sort of Punter…
The Rifles Living History Society at Who Do You Think You Are? Live Event, Olympia.

Régiment Irlandois De Dillon
Wild Geese in the service of France.

The Battle of Towton, Palm Sunday, 1461
A report from the recent event recreating this bloody battle.

Actions of the Lowe Countries 2012
A Flemish Cook’s perspective of this event.

45eme Regiment de Ligne
Take a look at the preparations this group are making for Waterloo.


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