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Battle of The Ouise
Great War re-enactment with IR28.

Forming the 3rd BN/1st Silesian Landwehr
Re-creating Prussian Landwehr in time for the 200th anniversary of Waterloo.

Retracing the Footsteps
2nd Rangers of Normandy 44.

Éirinn Go Brách
American Civil War action at the Ulster American Folk Park.

We Fought for Flanders in the East
Commemorating the 70th Birthday of the Freiwillige Legion Flandern.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland…
Jack Edwards reports on a winter walk in medieval kit.

Victory Show 2011
Stephen Davis reports from the WWII show in Leicestershire.

The Battle of Kalkara
Re-enactment and living history in Malta with the Diehard Company.

Stepping back to the Middle Ages and Beyond
The 2011 Templars Fayre and Cressing Temple Barns.

A Thousand Years in One Day
A report from the Celebration of the Centuries.

Fayre Hayre…
…joins forces with the re-enactment movement.

Horrible Histories
Britannia’s involvement in series 4 of this popular programme.

Spirit of the 1940s Weekend
Find out more about this event taking place at the Explosion Museum of Naval Firepower.

Drawing Full Compass
Part 2 of Jonathan Davies’ look at archery techniques.

Why is the Forties Booming?
Howard Giles investigates the popularity of 1940s events.

Rise to the Challenge
An update on the March for Charity team.

Showdown in Valencia
Blake, Suchet, and the Battle of Saguntum.

News and Letters
Group of the Issue
Out and About
Sutlers’ Row
Re-enactor Ramblings

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