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Bastogne 2010
Phil Thomason reports on the recent re-enactment held in the region of Bastogne, looking back on the events of 1944 – 45.

Cheer Boys, Cheer!
The Diehards recently travelled to the Ukraine to take part in the Battle of the Alma 1854.

Remembrance Day March
The Liberty Rifles represent a Federal unit on the Remembrance Day weekend, held in Gettysburg, USA.

Der Stahlhelm
Symbols, relics, re-enactment and a source of perpetual interest. Dr James Wearn discusses the striking design of this German steel helmet.

Slaag Om Grolle
Report from an event in Grolle that commemorates a siege which took place in 1627.

Boots Off, Dancing Slippers On
Napoleonic, military and civilian re-enactors along with Jane Austen lovers met in Florence, Italy for a weekend of dancing.

‘Spirit of the 40s’ Weekend
A look at this upcoming event, held in April 2011 at the Explosion Museum of Naval Firepower.

Remember Nelson
Dr Andrew Bamford discusses the naval Battle

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