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A Colourful Conundrum
The importance and symbolism of colour in the medieval period.

The International Living History Fair
Dave Allen talks about the new venue for this popular event.

The Original Re-enactors Market
A look at the November event.

Timothy J. Kent
David Schmid takes a look at the works of this author and re-enactor.

History Heroes
Harry Hastings explains his new card game.

The King’s Guards and Garrisons
Charles II and the birth of the British army.

Uniform Approach Pays Off
Cloth authenticity with Hainsworth.

Jacobites on the March
Re-enactment at Cromford Mill in Derbyshire.

The Syege of Richmond Kyepe
The Beaufort Companye and Wars of the Roses Federation at Richmond Castle.

Tankfest 2010
Military vehicle action at Bovington.

Oak Apple 350
Celebration of the Restoration, in Worcester.

A Near Run Thing
Fire safety with the women of the 33rd Regiment of Foot.

Scotland’s Festival of History
A memorable multi-period event held in Lanark.

The Channel Islands at War
Report from the filming of a new WWII documentary.

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