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Ladies First!
The bi-centennial of the first meeting between Napoleon and Marie-Louise.

Festival of History
The EH event at Kelmarsh Hall.

Making Pemmican
Recreating this hardy food.

The Native Woodland Alliance
French and Indian War re-enactment.

The Queen’s Own at Fort Amherst
The first training session of the year.

When the axe falls!
Looking at re-enactment insurance.

Controversies on the Coa
Dr Andrew Bamford investigates the events of this Napoleonic battle.

Illuminating the Wall
Recreating the Roman signalling system at Hadrian’s Wall.

The Rise and Fall of Richard III
Wars of the Roses Federation.

Troops on Manoeuvres
Training and drill for the Diehard Company.

March to La Gleize
Commemorative march of the 82nd Airborne.

American Civil War Action
A report from the recent event.

Newstead Abbey
Napoleonic action at the former home of Lord Byron.

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