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The Austerlitz Pyramid – A look at this hidden gem from the Napoleonic Era of the Netherlands, by the Skirmish team in July 2022

The Battle of Evesham 1265AD – An in-depth look at this historical event from 2022

The Lost King – A look into the making of this film about Richard III

Time Traveller’s Kitchen – A look into authentic cooking and recipes from history

The Battle of Britain Project  – A look at a “people’s project” focussing on the Battle of Britain in 1940

Revelation – A look at a new group formed out of the Covid Pandemic Crisis to re-populate a Heritage site

ATC Romano-Britain Event – A relaunch of public events at the Experimental Archaeology site in Dorset

C.E.M.A. – A look at the Centre of Experimental Military Archaeology with Andy Robertshaw

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