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WW2 German Infantry Normandy June 1944

By the summer of 1944, the ordinary ‘Landser’ (equivalent to the British Tommy or American GI) presented a far more drab appearance than the superbly tailored soldiers of the 1939-40 Blitzkrieg era. Mostly long gone were the dark green collars ...

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Making a Warbow

…yes thank you Steve I worked that out for myself! Trying to draw a 100lb draw weight bow when you are a fifty two year old knackered teacher is going to hurt, but not as much as I thought it ...

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The Chateaux de Castlenaud, France

The Château de Castelnaud has had a long and complex history. Built at an important strategic position overlooking the Dordogne and at the junction of two valleys, its command of the surrounding territories makes it worth visiting for the views ...

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The Matthew

Even on a grey, cold and rather miserable February morning the first sight of the Matthew was very welcoming. Partly, the feeling came from the volunteer crew who plied me with hot, sweet coffee but also the gorgeous colour of ...

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Collecting Bayonets

When I started collecting militaria and weaponry, I was originally drawn to bladed weapons. However, as a teenager and then a student, I could not afford the prices of some of the swords I would have loved to buy. In ...

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Flying a Spitfire

Over the years I have been lucky to have piloted, or flown in, a wide variety of aircraft: Chipmunks, Cessnas, Beechcraft, Gliders, Balloons, and even myself in a freefall! However, the “Holy Grail” for me, was to fly a Spitfire.

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